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helps organizations innovate in a meaningful way.

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What do we do?




The economy is moving from a Goods Dominant Logic to a Service Dominant Logic.

Designing and developing services gives companies a market advantage and brings real value to the user.

In rrebrand we design without taking our eyes off of the people and their needs, and we do it starting from the deep identity of our clients. Be innovative, but in a meaningful way.




The future scenarios that we are going to face require teams that include change as a manageable variable.

We don’t believe in innovative organizations, but innovative people.

In rrebrand we facilitate internal processes that helps people and teams to integrate change.




Brands and storytelling sew the visible and the invisible parts of the organization.

We design brands and their stories based on the organization’s values in order to communicate their value proposition to the internal and external audiences.

Your brand is the interface of your business.


rrebrand ACADEMY


We offer training programs based in “learning by developing” methodologies, where education is based on each organization’s reality.

We string along with “in company” learning processes where our aim is keeping the value of both design and innovation, inside the organization.





How do we do it?

Facilitancy and Sensemaking.

In rrebrand, when we refer to the type of consulting we do, we talk about Facilitancy. Hybridizing the concepts of strategic consultancy and facilitation, founded on the deep and meaningful purpose of each organization.

Sometimes we do strategic design or redesign one organization’s service, on other occations we facilitate change management processes, and other times we search and cocreate with the client the purpose of the organization and how to expresses it through the brand, but always from the Facilitancy methodology, combining and adapting these aspects based on the nature and the needs of each business.  We believe that these ingredients are always present in an innovation process and knowing how to move from one to another, and how to combine them with the organization’s purpose is the key inside our value proposition. We believe that Facilitancy is the best way to achieve truly transforming processes.

  • “It’s exactly what we needed, people that can give us strategies and solutions in order to work better.”

    Noelia Garcia, Therapist at IBMM
  • “A great opportunity to reflect about what we want and to get on the same path with a lot of people.”

    Rubén Caulín, Teacher at EEPP Albacete
  • “Every time I have worked with rrebrand, they have opened a surprisingly creative process, but it has always ended with the objectives that we set.”

    Paco Romero, Coocrea
  • “These sessions with rrebrand have managed to overcome prejudices and have given us a new and encouraging panorama to work and communicate in another way.”

    Carles Such, Provincial Participant, Escolapios
  • “Great experience with rrebrand. A chance to rethink, learn and do.“

    Isabel Basaldúa, Creative Director of Basaldúa

Strategic Tree

rrebrand is the cocreator of the Strategic Tree, a tool used to find the deep identity and the meaning of an organization, it was born with the support of EOI and was developed under a creative commons license. In rrebrand, we use the Strategic Tree almost in all of the projects that we are involved in, it’s one of the pillars of sensemaking innovation, and it always produces a revealing experience for the client.

The Strategic Tree gives us two different business approaches, progressive and disruptive, for building or strengthening the identity and the intrinsic purpose for entrepreneurs, startups and large companies.

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Who are we?

In rrebrand we feel like a great team with people that work enthusiastically and in harmony with one another. Things we have in common are: unlimited curiosity, the disposition to always look for another way of seeing and doing things and we share a great deal of commitment with what we do. We enjoy facing new challenges and putting ourselves to the test in each project. We know that the best way to build a better future is by working with our clients and designing together.

Luis Miguel Garrigós
Founding Partner
Alejandro Castillo
Founding Partner
Almudena Mestre
Office Manager (Spain)
Marta Delclós
Graphic Designer
Mikel Etxarri
Service Designer
Ana González
Service Designer
Marta Serrano
Service Designer
Elizabeth Duarte
Office Manager (Peru)
Daniella Calmet
Service Designer (Perú)
Jody Parra
Investigator and Designer (Bogota)
Cristina Moreno
Service Designer
Ricardo Mejía
Strategic Designer (LATAM)
Paula Duarte
Service Designer

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If your organization needs to incorporate innovation into its teams, redesign its services or business model or if it needs to rethink its brand or lay the foundation for its identity.

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