The client
Universidad Privada del Norte, UPN, Lima, Perú.

UPN is a private Peruvian university formed by 7 departments with 37 majors and 6 campuses throughout Peru. There are currently around 40,000 students enrolled.

The challenge
To accompany and connect with students from the very beginning.

Map the experience and detect innovation points (PI) in order to better the UPN student’s experience during the first two quarters of their university life.

The Project
COMIENZA, CONVIVE, CONVERSA. (begin, coexist, converse)

Using the Strategic Tree we started by looking at UPN’s identity, with this we developed COMIENZA CONVIVE CONVERSA, three projects tied together, in which we designed a series of artifacts and actions that make the student’s experience better.

  • "In rrebrand we find the perfect blend of creativity and knowledge, as well as giving us with the pleasant surprise that they put into their work the same passion that we put in finding solutions that take our educational service to another level.”

    Paolo Puelles, Deputy General Manager, UPN

From the foundation of the UPN brand, to service design.

The UPN project was developed in the span of 2 years, in two main phases. In the first phase of the project, The Student’s Experience, based on different innovation workshops where we discover the lines that are going to define the service. We obtained the shell of a triple offer: “COMIENZA, CONVIVE, CONVERSA” (Begin, Coexist, Converse) which is the second phase.

Each one of these projects revolve around one of the main aspects that need to be solved, and together, the three look to tie the bettered student experience together.

COMIENZA has a double objective: for the student feel identified with UPN early on and to make finding their way and socializing easier, before the beginning of the school year.

CONVIVE works especially with the idea of how to expand in public what is going on in the classrooms, at the same time it seeks to broaden the physical borders of the university and establish new symbiotic relationships with other actors from the area.

CONVERSA faces the challenge of creating a universe of conversation, more than communication that circulates fluidly between the students and the university.

COMIENZA, CONVIVE, CONVERSA, imply an integral improvement of the service, it highlights the existing content, organizing it and giving it visibility and it is carried out by artifacts and associated actions in the service’s weaker spots. A consistent and solid beginning of the experience is designed for the student, more profitable spaces with representation for each faculty, the expansion of the spaces inside and outside the university in which to work, meet up and to be in contact with others and an ecosystem of constant conversation that accompanies students in every moment.

The project in images

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